Let It Ride Poker Guide should start explaining how this form of poker is a cross between 5-card draw poker and video poker. You win a game based on the rank of your five-card poker hand, but you win money based on the kind of hand. What is unique to Let It Ride poker is that, as the name suggests, you let your bets “ride”.

Popular poker games like Texas Hold’em, 7-card stud, Omaha hi/lo, and Caribbean stud poker do not have the same bet riding characteristic, so Let It Ride poker offers a refreshing way to boost your earnings from poker. With an estimated 50 million players in the United States alone, poker itself is regarded as America’s most popular card game.

Let It Ride Poker Betting Strategies

One betting strategy is to impose a bet ceiling according to the house’s maximum payout at the let it ride poker table. To determine your bet ceiling, divide the maximum payout amount by 3,000. Whatever the quotient is should be the highest amount of each of your three circle bets. For example, consider that some land-based and online casinos impose a maximum payout of $25,000. If you made three $15 wagers on the three betting circles, and end up with the highest possible hand, which is a Royal Flush, you are supposed to be paid back $45,000. (15 * 3000 = 45000) In such a casino, you fail to earn $20,000 out of $45,000, which is nearly half the money you should have won. Using the above equation, at a $25,000 maximum table, your reasonable highest bet is $8. (25000 / 3000 = 8.33)

Another betting strategy is to play at a table that offers bonus payouts for each bet that you let ride. Here is a typical bonus payout table.

Winning Poker Hand Typical Bonus Payout
Straight $20
Flush $50
Full House $75
Four of a Kind / Quad $200
Straight Flush $2,000
Royal Flush $20,000