Below you can find some Casino War tips. Casino War is a casino card game based on a simple children’s game, known as War. It is a game of chance, requiring no skill whatsoever of players. Straightforward and easy-to-play, Casino War did not take long to become increasingly popular in both land-based and online casinos, especially the Las Vegas casinos.

If you want to take a break from serious casino gambling or generally prefer recreational games, Casino War is for you.

Casino War Tips – Betting Strategies

A tie bet can be made in Casino War, and there is an opportunity to take advantage of it. The payout is 10:1 if your first card ties with the dealer’s first card. But note that the house advantage also increases when you wager that a tie will occur.

Until a tie happens, the house odds are low. A player has as much chances of winning the bet as the dealer.

Not surprisingly, the house gains a higher advantage in the case of a tie. When deciding whether to surrender or go to war, consider the following house edge:

If you go to war on a tie – 2.88%
If you surrender on a tie – 3.7%
If you bet on a tie – 18.65%

As a general rule, a higher house advantage decreases your chances of maximizing your potential revenue. Based on the above, it is less profitable to surrender on ties.

If you do go to war, there will be cases when a tie after a tie occurs. Some casinos offer a bonus prize for this. Typically, the bonus payout is equal in amount to your original wager. Thus, you win your raise bet, and on top of it, the bonus payoff.