Real Money Slots Casinos – Play For Real Cash On Desktop Or Mobile

When looking for a suitable real money slots casino, you need to take your time and do due diligence – it might turn out disastrous when you decide to play slots at random. It is reasonable to spend lots of time (sometimes even funds) when searching for the best real money slots casino.

Below is our handpicked list of best real money slots online casinos out there. UPDATED November 2022

150% up to $750
250% up to $8888
200% up to $7777
200% up to $20K
0% up to 50 free spins
300% up to $9000
100% up to €100
210% up to $4300
100% up to 1 BTC
100% up to €100
100% up to €100
100% up to €300 or €100

Key Features for Slots Casinos

From the information acquired from thousands of slot players we found on the net, below is a list of what they consider when they choose a online slot casino.

1. Reliable Statistics: Many players like to study what the online casino payouts are. This information is made available through eCOGRA – audits are made public through links available on the casino’s website.

2. Big winners: Lots of gamblers see long list of big winners as a sign that this particular online casino might be worth playing at.  Almost all casinos makes their jackpot wins public, because it shows people they are reputable and it is possible to win at their establishment. And they pay out their winners.

3. Games: Quite a number of players love when there is over three hundred real money slot games available in their local casino. Such is similar with casinos offering games from several industry leading providers, players always have this in mind when selecting casinos.

4. Generosity: Gamblers prefer to have at least 300 online casino slot games available at online casino. If those conditions are met, then come the bonuses and promotions, that are also equally important.

5. Background and reputation: Most players may go as far as researching the background of the operator. Some operators have several casinos, some of which are illegal or do not pay players. Slot players want nothing to do with blacklisted / rogue casino.

6. Payments: This is an important factor people often consider more and more. What are the available payment methods? How obvious is the cost of transactions? Not many online casinos allow their customers to withdraw funds for free.

How Real Money Slot Games Operate

The slots we see today make use of the RNG (Random Number Generator) technology; this same technology is used in casino slots for real money. This implies that you get a regular assigned symbol for every spin. No special skills or knowledge is required because there is absolutely no way you can alter the results of the slots for real money game. All that is required is that you continue spinning till you get lucky.

The reels that appear on display are the same spinning reels we see when slots operation was manual (slots with lever). Now, we make use of a button instead of a lever. So, once you click a switch, the reels begin to spin and stops few seconds revealing different symbols randomly selected.

Real Money Slots tips

Put aside every myth you know concerning slots for real money; in this modern time, they are not effective. You must be smart when you play or end up losing everything you own. The implication of this is that you have to be selective on which slots to play, the location, and how long you need to play. Let me put it this way:

  • · Select slots that their payout percentage is very high. Many casinos publish their third-party RNG audits, giving you access to the built-in advantage. It is better when the casino advantage is small.
  • · Make use of casinos with reload bonuses and good welcome for real cash slot machines. Having a bankroll you are willing to lose is what playing slots are all about, something you can increase twice the amount while you play.
  • · Know when to stop. When you know when to stop, then you know your limits. The greatest rule to observe when playing casinos games or slots is to quit when you start having much fun. Because you are anxious, you will want to play more, nevertheless, the RNG cannot give above the winning lines. Thus, know when to stop when ahead.

Slots Tactics

You will find many information on the net on how to win on real money slots. Lots of of them are written based on people’s experience, while in some cases, it involves simple or complex calculations.

For instance, using standard deviation method can help you identify the rate upon which a specific real cash slot machine gives payout. Here, you have to count the total spins amid each win till you get a representative model. You can benefit from the statistics then earn more money after a successful calculation around a spin.

There are bankroll management strategies that can prevent you from losing all your investment by sticking to some strategies that will allow you resist temptations to place big bets you should not make.

Fun Facts About Slots

You can entertain your guests with these fun facts when you talk about slots.

  • · As long as slots are concerned, Las Vegas has the highest number of casinos; this city is known as casino heaven. There are over 600,000 slots in this city, that is eight people for every slot machine. The country with the highest number of real cash slot machines is Japan.
  • · Big Bertha is the largest slot machine in the whole world, and also the 1st to inform the public of the coming of electromechanical real cash slot machines. This machine was created in the 1950s, its payout percentage was terrible, and had a height of 2.5 metres. It had eight big reels and a giant monstruous lever to pull. At that time, $150,000 was used in building the game, that’s about one million, two hundred thousand dollars when you convert the money today.
  • · A jackpot is called Flat-top when the maximum amount cannot be altered; the maximum amount one can win is the same. While progressive jackpot is used to describe jackpots that grow with each wager; there is no restriction on how the jackpot will grow.
  • · In the early 20th century, the government declared slots illegal because they were becoming trendy. Vendors paid customers using food items, cigars, and other items instead of coins to avoid being charged for establishing gambling operations. Because of this, slots were referred to as vending machines.
  • · Slot games calculate outcomes at random whether it is being used or not. The reason is that the RNG is always in continuous motion. Thus, so it is impossible to forecast a big hit or a jackpot.
  • · Mechanical real cash slot machines you see in live casinos are made up of 1200 different parts.
  • · TOD is an acronym for Time on Device; this is the metric operators consider to identify if a game will generate profit for the casino.
  • · There are many differences between modern slots and the original ones. Current slots are digital with 3D graphics. They do not have slots to insert coins, lever, hoppers or reels.