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Little bit about Online Casino Slots Genius. So who is a genius? Genius is a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, extreme productivity, universality in different genres or originality, usually to a degree that’s associated with the achievements of mint advances in a domain of apprehension. Well, let’s be honest here – if we are talking in terms of online casino slots or just best online casino slots websites, or let’s be frank… in terms of anything, then this definition does not apply, haha! I have been a professional gambler last 13+ years now, but my money has not come from internet slot machines. My ‘salary’ comes from sniffing out juicy lines from different bookmakers or from occasionally playing ridiculous live poker games.

You might ask now, how do online casino slots fit in? They fit in perfectly – this is my secret hobby, a pastime where I can unwind to the max, go crazy once in a while, block everything else going on in the world. Because when you are playing slots, you are not in control. Sure, you have to know your limits, but you have no control in terms of what will happen, nor can you practice your spin techniques to get better over time…

Playing slots is somewhat therapeutic for me, as is creating this webpage. There are plenty of portals out there writing about ‘best online casino slots websites’ or ‘internet slot machines’ – well, this one is mine and it’s real. This is where I send my friends. I compiled most of these casino review lists myself. I’ve gone through over 100 websites where you can play online casino slots for real money (and I’ve tested probably over 400 different internet slot machines), so it might seem like it was a grind, but looking back now I don’t see it that way. I plan to keep my lists of online casino slots websites reasonably short and scam free. Also bullshit free. When I see online casino offering bonus with a 60x playthrough requirement, I don’t even bother to click. It’s blacklisted for life.

Meet our handpicked list of best online casino slots websites for real money – down below and everywhere on this website. Let’s keep in touch! – onlinecasinoslotsgenius, November 2022.

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200% up to $20K
0% up to 50 free spins
300% up to $9000
100% up to €100
210% up to $4300
100% up to 1 BTC
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100% up to €100
100% up to €300 or €100

Playing online casino slots – about making bets and options for gameplay

It wasn’t that long ago when both land and internet-based casinos were dominated by 3-reel casino slot machines. Only that fact alone shows how much slots have progressed. Nowadays 3-reel slot machines are mostly for beginners, because they have fewer lines and not so many rules to follow.

In 2018 most online casino slots are with detailed 5-reel slot machines. Online casino game software providers and casinos themselves have found that new breed of slot players are more sophisticated and demand more bang for their buck.

Playing online casino slot games

Although almost all slot games have different rules, there are some basics apply to most of the casino slot machine games.

  • Choosing options for betting. This is the first thing you should do before you start blasting it away. This is just in case you don’t bet the wrong amount, especially too much money on your spins. This might keep your gambling session extremely short…
  • Find the right button for ‘Spin’. After you are done selecting all the correct betting options, find the ‘Spin’ button – it is usually located somewhere in the lower-middle part of the screen, often also in the lower-right.
  • Slot game will evaluate results of your spin. After your spin is concluded, game will check if you won or lost. If you are playing more than one line, it is possible to win multiple different wins with the same spinning round.

As seen above, playing slots or ‘spinning it’ isn’t hard at all. But those were just steps for completing your spins. It gets little more confusing when we talk about slot machine betting options.

What are the features of the online casino slots games

Modern internet slot machines have often so many features, it might often get rather confusing and puzzling. Let’s take closer look at those bonus features and also at special symbols, that are often represented in modern slot machines.

  • Wild symbol. This is possibly the most-common slots feature that can se seen in multi-reel slot machine games. Wild symbol is a substitute for any other symbol/icon in the game to form payouts. It is important to note that wild symbols don’t substitute scatters, bonus icons and also and multipliers.
  • Expanding wild, stacked wild. This is where the wild symbol gets even more wild. Expanding wild takes up an entire columns instead of just one particular icon/symbol. Meaning it will give you significantly more wilds, meaning your chances for winnings just multiplied umpteen folds. In most cases, expanding wilds usually start out as a regular wild symbol, but then expand further from there.
  • Scatter symbol. Scatter symbols are expected, because they trigger bigger wins, free spins also bonus features. Mostly, scatters don’t have to appear in a specific payline. Sometimes scatters give out multipliers also have their own scatter-specific payouts.
  • Bonus round. Similar to free spins, bonus feature game rounds are usually triggered by after hitting certain amount of scatters. Sometimes bonus rounds are triggered randomly. These bonus feature rounds often take you to a completely different screen where you see a game that often doesn’t look like a part of a online casino slots game at all.
  • Progressive Jackpot. Who doesn’t love these? Progressive online casino slot machine games take a small cut from every bet to grow the Jackpot total prize amount. Usually it’s around 1% of the volume. Jackpot amount will keep getting bigger until someone hits. You can win the Jackpot by landing specific symbols, but it is mostly being won randomly.

Ways to play online casino slot machine game – in browser, by mobile or PC client

  • PC client by downloading. 10 or more years ago most of the online casino gambling was done with downloaded software. Nowadays, you can still download online casino software, but most gambling is done in browser, via Flash. The upside of PC downloaded software is that it is usually more reliable than browser-based analogues. The downside is you have to download each game separately inside the client, meaning it will slow down the gambling experience and gamblers are usually a fidgety bunch.
  • Flash / in browser online casino slots websites. With help of a Flash it is possible to gamble in your browser. Often, if you just want to try out games with play money, you don’t even have to create account beforehand, but start playing right away. There’s no need to install or download anything. Just play!
  • Gambling with your phone. Gambling with smart phones really took off somewhere around 2010. Nowadays 90% of casinos that offer online casino slots have mobile slot games available.
  • Playing slot machine games with tablets. All the games available for smart phone users are also available for tablet users. Tablets are better for online casino gambling because they offer bigger screens than smartphones.

Real money online casino slots

When you’ve found a suitable online casino slots website (from the list above), you should make sure you check out 1) if your country is allowed by the casino, because many online casino sites have country restrictions; 2) what are the deposit and withdrawal methods; 3) what are the maximum and minimum deposit / withdrawal limitations; 4) how long do the withdrawals usually take.